An abandoned quarry seems an unlikely place to build a traditional Catholic theme park, but at the Vatican, we take seriously our aim to take Catholics loyal to the Mass of Ages out 'to the peripheries'.

Based on the successful Centre Parcs model, we've began building a delightful centre of retreat, prayer and activity for those Catholics with fashionable proclivities for the traditional rites of the Church. A place where you and your family can relax and enjoy the hospitality, patience and kindness of the Church.

Long terms guests and chaplains to the community will provide spiritual sustenance to traditional Catholics in idyllic surroundings, free to enjoy the traditional devotions of the Church in peace and tranquility.

Huge discounts are available for Catholics who wish to make long-term stays at Periphery Parks and the Vatican Institute of Religious Works has even established, with the help of our sponsors for the traditional theme park, funding for both transport and residence for anyone who seeks to enjoy this wonderful initiative.

The Periphery Parks project, supported by the UN is established to enable Catholics to deepen their understanding of the Church's mission in the 21st century, enjoying therapeutic and relaxing activities which will give new meaning to the words 'hospitality', 'patience' and 'kindness'.

From swimming and cycling, to walking in acres of land, to enjoying some of the finest complimentary therapies - both modern and ancient - available at the Church's disposal, with a host of different implements as well as deep therapeutic Catholic counselling, led by trained spiritual director Fr Volpi, Periphery Parks will gladden and restore the faith of any tradition-minded Catholic in the new Pentecost of Pope Francis.